What is FeyGamesFramework?

FeyGamesFramework is an C++ framework for modern games. It simplifies your work, as a game developer, without limiting your flexibility.

Why should I use FeyGamesFramework?

You want to write games.

But writing your own engines for graphics & physics, programming the Internet connection and so on... is just extremely time-consuming and complex task.

And here come plenty of different game frameworks. The aim of our framework is to set you free from the technical details (along with specific nomenclatures, communication with hardware, matrix calculations and all that stuff).

From now on, you can focus on creating your game - the plot, rules, characters, level designs, menus...

What you have and don't have to know

Our framework set you free from most of topics related to hardware, platform-specific APIs and more advanced mathematics. Still, there is some knowledge you have to obtain first:

Discipline You have to know it Don't bother about it You don't have to know it, but it's helpful for advanced user
Mathematics Basic algebra, 2D/3D vectors. Matrices. Quaternions.
Software engineering SVN. Design patterns: abstract factory, singleton and observer (listener).
C++ Pointers, classes and polymorphism. How to use std:: vector, list, map, and wstring. Bitwise operators and templates. C++11.
3D Graphic XYZ coordinate system. Idea of using bones for mesh animations. DirectX/OpenGL, graphic cards, buffers, calculation of bounding primitives or skinning. Euler rotations, HLSL shaders.
Internet communication General client-server architecture. Packet's structure. TCP, UDP. Sockets. Request-respond concept.
GUI Very basics of HTML/CSS. WinAPI. Events: bubbling and capturing.

It's not that we advise you against learning about the DirectX/OpenGL or TCP/UDP. We just don't require such knowledge to use our Framework :)

Shall we start?

Are you ready? Let's start with step-by-step tutorial - from installing framework to running your application.