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GUI Module represents the Graphic User Interface with all its controls (like Label, Panel or Button).

It contains GUIManager that allows you to create Control one by one or load them directly from the HTML/CSS files (with some restricted, smaller scope of tags & keywords - see details).

GUI Module supports event propagation model introduced by W3 (with both capturing[1] and bubbling[2] phases).

General assumptions

  • Window is treated as the GUI Control. Any Control that does not have any other parent is a children of Window class (Window object will be created automatically by GUI Module and it's guaranteed that there's no more and no less then one instance of Window).

Page candidates


  • GUIComponent vs Control.
  • At this page, links to Label, Panel, Button, html/css, events propagation etc.
  • GUIDefines.h - DEBUG_INFO - make ONE standard for DEBUG defines for ALL Modules instead of it.
  • GUIManager - HTML/CSS Special requirements, ID etc.; ID - use Identifiable.
  • Styles - Expand this article.
  • CSS_Support - a lot to extend.